• It's the only wheelchair trainer with a mag unit for resistance training.

  • Your racing chair's axle is secured to the frame so no more flying off your trainer!

  • The Leotron is fully adjustable to accommodate any straight axle configuration and wheel diameter. 

  • It's completely stable on almost any surface from track to the gym and allowing you to train anywhere.

  • It can be transported and assembled anywhere by the user, enabling independence.

  • The complete roller tray can be removed in one easy movement.

  • The “A” frame can be used as protection for your chair's shaft when the roller tray is removed.

  • The roller tray can be stored alongside your chair in a travelling case when in transit.

  • Both a complete chair and roller will be below the freight allowance of most airlines.

  • It is completely collapsible for transportation and or easy storage as required.

A.P. O'Connor


I have been supporting Richard Chiassaro a wheelchair athlete by fund raising etc., in my own small way since late 2011. About three years ago Richard informed me of the need for a better type of training roller for wheelchair athletes. I started to think about how to solve this problem.  I set out to produce a training roller of sufficiently light construction (11.5kg) in an “A” frame configuration that is rock solid on almost any surface.  Because it’s light, the athlete can pick it up and place it in a convenient spot of their choosing to train without assistance.  It can be included in their luggage when travelling by air, and would be well within the normal baggage allowance.


The other major consideration was athlete safety.  This too has been accommodated within the design so that the athlete cannot come off the roller whilst training.  The roller plate, which includes a magnetic unit to give more resistance to the user, has a remote control which can be used by athlete or coach.  This base unit can be removed by unscrewing 4 screws.  The remaining “A” frame could be used in protecting the racing chair’s main shaft when in transit.  This requires the “A” frame to be secured to the base of the box in which the chairs are freighted.  This would help avoid damage in an aircraft hold or other possible trouble spots.


After several prototypes, the production model has now been produced in the UK making this a totally British invention.  It has had modifications to make it completely flat pack.  This makes it easy to store in its box even in a small home environment. It takes only 5 minutes to assemble and even less to disassemble and all can be done by the user without the need for an able bodied assistant giving total independence.

Sawbridgeworth, UK

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