By Richard Chiassaro T54 2017 World bronze Paralympian


I have used these rollers for just over a year and love them. I was involved in the testing and development of these rollers so I know they are suitable for every athlete no matter what their disability is.

They are fully adjustable so fit any chair and you can also vary the resistance which is perfect for those harder sessions.


On the easy seating they roll amazing and on the harder settings they tighten just enough each time to make you work that bit extra.

Another great feature of these rollers is that you can adjust the clamps to take all the weight off the frame which helps support the chair and does not stress the frame under sprinting.

I feel these rollers helped me prepare for London 2017 and would recommend them to all athletes.

Richard Chiassaro

By Ben Rowlings British Paralympic athlete  under 23  T34 racer


Set up- the rollers were really easy to put together, they took less than half an hour to go from out the box to ready to use, all that is needed is a handful of tools.

Once the rollers are built the set up with a race chair is easy your frame slots in the two holders with a simple set up to set the level at which your chair sits on the rollers, this can be adjusted by undoing and tightening two screws.

Rolling resistance- the way these rollers run is different to the older style rollers, this is because your front wheel is not strapped in making higher intensity reps easier because the front stays rooted to the ground. The resistance is also adjustable so depending on the level that you train at and the session that you’re doing you can adjust how hard you need to push accordingly making these rollers suitable for everyone from beginners to Paralympian.

Transport- these rollers are easy to store and transport mainly because their compact. With no long attachments for the front wheel they can be easily stored away in flats/houses after use, but also makes them light (around 11kg) so they can be picked up and even transported to competitions without any hassle.

Overall I think these rollers are ideal for a wide range of uses and are very well rounded and are a define step forward from the large cumbersome rollers of previous years.

Ben Rowlings

Sawbridgeworth, UK

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